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Thanks for replying, I sat in the balcony at the Great Hall with a cassette recorder the size of a shoebox but didn't notice the microphone wasn't connected until nearly at the end - and the recording was awful too, really booming and distorted. Wish I'd seen Elvis at St. Austell in 1980 and 1981 - never mind. Thanks again, David

Hi, I attended the Elvis Costello March 1981 show and got a partial recording . Did you just make setlist of all the shoes you attended or by some amazing miracle do you have an actual recording?
I still have my half a ticket from the concert and I’m the leading Elvis live recording collector. I’ve bern putting his concerts up on dimeadozen since 2017 as a 40 years ago celebration as area51GM if you wanted to check me out. Any recollections of the 1981 show would be gratefully received thanks, I’m - many thanks for the setlist!

Brilliant, thank you very much for that extra info :)

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