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Thanks again. Big name acts at high school stadiums are rare, especially in the late 70s. I like to see them get done right if possible.

Thanks a lot for your help. Please check out what we have listed at Engel right now and either let me know if anything should be changed. And add any shows that you attended. It looks like the source I cited wasn't wasn't 100% accurate but that happens a lot with articles 40 years after the show.

Why don't you leave the 1978 shows and create new ones for the 1977 shows if you think they played then too. We do have a source for the 1978 ones but I will try to see if I can find any more info on them and will let you know if I do. Thanks for getting back to me.

Regarding those Engel Stadium shows the linked article says they played in 1978. If you are sure that they did NOT play in 1978 then change it back to the 1977 date. If you saw them here in 1977 but don't know if they also played in 1978 then please create a new setlist for the 1977 show.

I have the band setlist from the stage

LA Woman took a few years longer to make it to an album but he could have performed it live much earlier. I would have remember that one if he did it then.

Sadly you are hallucinating about the Billy Idol show. He didn't play LA Woman. Still a great show. I was working security and saw the show from the stage. He collapsed leaving the stage and we had to carry him to the dressing room!