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Would I be correct in thinking you're a fellow Wolverine? Class of '84, myself. Lived in West Quad for my first two years.

Well if you have the setlist from the stage, I'll go with that and assume I was hallucinating :-)

I've been having fun cataloging all my ticket stubs these last few days while sheltering in place. Started going to shows in the mid 70s. Some are easy to figure out, but sometimes, depending on where the ticket was ripped, it can be a challenge to figure out date and location. Bringing back lots of memories, apparently even made up ones :-)

So not that I'm doubting you, but how did you come up with the setlist that is posted?


Great story on Billy Idol :-) I guess I've been embellishing my Billy Idol story for a long time then. He has certainly covered LA Woman in many shows, I guess just not that one. I stand corrected.

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