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It seems like not only did we work some of the same shows we also hit a lot of the same cities and venues. Phoenix, LA and certainly the Michigan venues; Pine Knob, Cobo, AA and even Flint. I never saw a concert at IMA but did catch a few hockey games there.

I worked the Big Country / Wire Train show too. It was great how friendly the bands were to the staff, especially BC. It's not typical that bands allow people to watch the sound checks but both bands actually encouraged it.

You requested this setlist be deleted and that this show took place on Jun 6. There is also a JB setlist here on Apr 4. Can you give me a reason/source for your request? I'm not finding any good info on the internet about this but will keep digging.
Quote : "The difficulty is that the information was there in my first version, but Dirk deleted it."
Take a look at the first edit you made when you entered all songs six days ago. What is crossed out in red at the bottom? Late Show. So I didn't delete it, you did.
I can admit when I make errors and I correct them when people tell me.
We don't expect you to be an expert, mods are learning every day still, but when we show you what you did wrong and tell you why and show you the guidelines and you don't know why we change it, we try to convince you. If you don't want to understand we can't help it.
I didn't threaten your setlist to be deleted. I just told you what might happen when a moderator sees two setlist on the same day for the same artist. On one would have been written Early show as information, which was needed while on yours nothing was written. If the mod doesn't go down the bottom of all the edits he may delete it.
My English isn't strong enough to know what you meant with "True sailing is dead." The only reference I found about it is about The Doors.
How should I interprete this one of yours "Hopefully Dirk starts to twitch."
When I write on your profile page "As I said yours might be deleted in future even if the songs are listed." and "If no definitive difference between both setlist is visible it's highly possible one of them might be deleted." does it say somewhere it 'will' be deleted? I think might and highly possible has a different meaning.

For your remark about the medleys on you might read the guidelines how to write medleys again. I asked you to read the guidelines five days ago because you made a lot of mistakes. This site has some rules and guidelines which should be followed.
Also you need to list this is different from the other show the same day. As I said yours might be deleted in future even if the songs are listed. So don't come complaining in two years time because someone might have deleted 'your' setlist.

For please use appropriate tag so the artist shows up in the statistics which is one of the reasons this site was build for.

If no definitive difference between both setlist is visible it's highly possible one of them might be deleted. And since your edit doesn't show it's different from the other it will probably yours even if there's a list of performed songs.

It may be better for you to do it yourself, so you know how to do it in future.

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