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I do not have video evidence of queensryche performing NM 156, so will not dispute that, but here is video of them performing Anarchy-X after Eyes of a Stranger in Baton Rouge. Please provide proof if you are going to edit out songs I added to the setlist.

Here's a good reason why you need to add sources for your uploads.
You didn't list a source. Since I've been at the venue I know there's two halls inside this venue, you list this as Foyer, which is a very small room. I found it was at the concert hall
So please take more care of adding setlists, list a source like asked for every upload and or edit, and pay attention when assigning venues for venues you don't know.
This site is about accuracy, a reference for others, where venues are sometimes written in a faulty way, especially in foreign languages.

It is obvious you are a fan of some groups, but when adding setlists, under the edit comment box one is asked to "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons."
So if you could honor us with filling in a source you would show a good exemple to other users and share your knowledge why you're uploading a new setlist.

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