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You did a great job listing the sets for Stone Valley over the weekend. Well done.

For I’m memory there were 2 sets, with an hour in between. Hyde Park has 3 stages, with the minor stages playing in the gaps when the main stage is empty. NPG played 2 gaps, rather than most bands who plays one. Hence he 2 Set lists

Hello - I've put The Great Deception in brackets because it's highly unlikely Van played this - he hasn't played it since 1973. Unfortunately no-one else has posted a setlist or recording yet, so can't confirm what it was. Do you remember anything about the song?

DJ based in Central Essex, with years of experience and a passion for music and fun. My musical knowledge tends to be very mainstream, but I enjoy a challenge and will try to research the genres potential customers want. I am a party fade in fade out DJ rather than a mixer, and have done numerous parties and weddings, including rock, line dance, garage and dub step influenced parties.

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