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I'm Eric Wertz from Long Island, New York and I'm huge alt rock fan attending concerts in New York and Philly regularly


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If you’re looking for something in Atlanta, I would recommend Shaky Knees Festival. It’s by the same people behind Innings but has a much bigger scale. Next year will be its tenth anniversary so it should be a good time.

Solid on those floor tix! I’m pumped for this tour! We’ve been waiting too long!

Yes! Innings and Riptide were two of my favorite shows to date. Great lineups from top to bottom. You may be able to recreate some of that Innings magic if you check out Oceans Calling up in Maryland late September.

Your shows are solid too! I’m kinda jealous of all the sets the NY area gets. Atlanta occasionally gets skipped but thankfully we are 3-6 hrs away from a lot of other tour cities to make up for it - for weekend dates at least!

Looks like we could cross over again this fall potentially. I convinced my wife to let me see the killers at MSG this October. Will be my first show up there.

Hi - I left a question for you (which songs she was accompanied on) on the Jade Bird setlist. Posting on your wall in case your notifications are turned off. THANKS!

Super helpful, thanks!

Hey! He did not, Superet was only at the Bowery show, the one at Mercury was only idkHOW as it was a radio show and not their tour.

Do you remember if the lead singer from Superet performed a cameo at the iDKHOW show at the Mercury in 2019? Thanks!

Hi Eric.
Thanks for the updates. These were not covers though...they were Special Guests that appeared on the live stream to support Andrew and #DearJack. Take care! Can't wait for LIVE music to return!