Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach Concert Setlists

City Solana Beach, CA, United States (near San Diego)

143 South Cedros Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Also known as The Belly Up San Diego
Mar 13 2019

Billy Idol & Steve Stevens at Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA, USA

  1. Dancing With Myself
  2. Catch My Fall
  3. Twenty Flight Rock
  4. Kiss Me Deadly
  5. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  6. Sweet Sixteen
  7. Ghost in My Guitar
  8. Eyes Without a Face
  9. Steve Steven's Acoustic Guitar Solo
  10. Don't Need a Gun
  11. To Be a Lover
  12. Rebel Yell
  13. ...
Mar 11 2019

Pete Yorn at Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA, USA

  1. Burrito
  2. Vampyre
  3. Halifax
  4. Life on a Chain
  5. Lost Weekend
  6. Just Another
  7. Precious Stone
  8. Can't Stop You
  9. Lose You
  10. Paradise Cove
  11. This Fire
  12. Closet
  13. ...

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