1. Song played from tape
    The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
    (First verse dialogue only)
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  2. (Extended Intro)
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  3. Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. (Who Knows Who outro)
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  6. Play Video
  7. (AC/DC's Back in Black outro)
    Play Video
  8. (with Muse money confetti)
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  9. (Ennio Morricone's Man with a Harmonica intro)
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  10. (Lightning Bolt cover) (Drum and bass jam)
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  11. (Matt with piano on B-Stage)
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  12. (First time live since 2011)
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  13. Play Video
  14. Play Video
  15. Play Video
  16. Play Video
  17. Play Video
  18. (House of the Rising Sun intro)
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  19. (Rage Against the Machine's Freedom outro)
    Play Video
  20. Encore:
  21. Play Video
  22. (with a ballerina, carried by a lightbulb, floating over the audience)
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  23. Play Video
  24. Play Video
  25. Encore 2:
  26. (with Charles, the Robot)
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  27. (Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child o' Mine outro)
    Play Video
  28. Play Video
  29. Encore 3:
  30. (Extended Version)
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  31. (Extended outro)
    Play Video
  32. Play Video

Note: Most songs in a set ever played by Muse to date

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