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Thanks for that. Which days did you miss? I'll compare the entries and Bluesfest schedule in a couple of days when I have time.
FYI, "Welcome to Country" opens a number of festivals in Australia - from my understanding it's sort of an acknowledgement of and to the indigenous people's land that the festival is on.

Hey, thanks for adding the Bluesfest shows this week :)
Just a small request from me personally, I've done my best to keep the Bluesfest archives as complete as I can. Would you mind letting me know any artists you aren't able to add setlists for (because they're not yet on musicbrainz), and I'll add them to mb and create setlists?
Thanks very much :)

livemusicfan, unfortunately I wasn't feeling that great and had to leave about 3/4 of the way through the Robyn Hitchcock show

Absolutely, you are right! It's been fixed in all setlists. Regards!

I would like your opinion on the labeling of Rich Robinson's cover of Agitation Free - Laila, Part 2. He labels it on his Woodstock Sessions Vol 3. as "Laila II" but on every Agitation Free release that I have look at it is "Laila, Part 2". Every entry on is "Laila II" but I am leaning towards that being incorrect. I respect your opinion on these type issues so.....Your thoughts?

It looked pretty suspicious to me because they normally change their sets somewhat night to night. But I'm sure it was somewhat close so I wasn't going to raise a fuss. On that note I doubt they're accurate however.

I agree completely with you on John Fogerty. I first decided to use the spelling which was used the most even if it didn't felt right. Just before i was done, i changed my mind, ask for the correction and there you are.

RE: Joni Mitchell / Bob Dylan Tour 1998: I attended this tour and still have the ticket stub, it was a double bill where Joni and Bob received equal space on posters and tickets and that's how the tour was advertised. The opening act for most of the tour was Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men. Even though Joni went on first on most of the dates, she was not the "opener"

Wait.....I read that backwards. It seems you are taking the @cover off. We are on the same page! Rock on!

I disagree with you labeling "Little Lizzie Mae" as a Black Crowes cover. Based on the rules of it is who recorded the song first. The Black Crowes played the song live but it never appeared in and studio form or on and official Live Album. CRB put out the studio version on The Magic Door. Since Chris Robinson wrote the song I think it was correctly labeled as a CRB track. Thoughts?

Hi livemusicfan
As I recall the song dynamite/now went like this.
It started with dynamite for a while then went to NOW then back to dynamite

You were correct on Keb' Mo' - they've put a bunch of videos from that show up:

Here's BNL:

I didn't stay for Willie, so didn't get the setlist, and the TV broadcast ran over so I never got it, but looks like most of it is online now:

In addition to keeping track at the show, I believe I double checked with the Farm Aid broadcast I recorded from TV. I can try and find that tonight to make sure.

Haha alright, great work as always!

Hi, I recall this like it was yesterday, it was a big deal for the Harrisburg area back then.
Riot opened up, Scorpions was next , then Rainbow closed up.

Regarding the Albany Egg, if you have any concerns please post here:

Regarding 'A Tout Le Monde' please post here:

Of course! It's done. Let me know if there's more to fixx. Cheers!

Hey there, please don't remove the the @Info "Composer Roger Hodgson" tags. This has been discussed and approved with Roger Hodgson's management and should be added to all Supertramp songs. Sorry.

Thank you for reporting song corrections, but could you please instead do it in this forum topic, with links to the artists?

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