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Oct 13 2012

Mike Scott at The Haymarket, Basingstoke, England

  1. Reads Selections From 'Adventures of a Waterboy'
  2. Savage Earth Heart
  3. Mad as the Mist and Snow
  4. Bring 'Em All In
  5. The Serpent's Head
  6. A Man Is in Love
  7. Low Down in the Broom
  8. Fisherman's Blues
  9. The Pan Within
Apr 13 2001

Mike Scott at The 'F' Word, Maidstone, England

  1. When Will We Be Married?
  2. Open
  3. The Pan Within
  4. Something That Is Gone
  5. Crown
  6. The Wind in the Wires
  7. Whose Woods These Are
  8. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
  9. Honky Tonkin
  10. Is She Conscious?
  11. It's All Gone
  12. When Ye Go Away
  13. ...
Sep 30 1998

Mike Scott at Expo 98

  1. We Are Jonah
  2. Glastonbury Song
  3. I Know She's in the Building
  4. Crown
  5. Strange Boat
  6. The Pan Within
  7. When Ye Go Away
  8. A Life of Sundays
  9. Medicine Bow
  10. Be My Enemy
  11. The Whole of the Moon
  12. Why Don't We Do It in the Road
Mike Scott setlists

Mike Scott

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