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A fellow mod posted a comment on a setlist you uploaded.
Could you follow up?

Hej! Jag spelar gitarr i Beverly Kills, så därav förändringarna. Tror jag bara har ändrat låttitlarna så att de är uppdaterade från arbetsnamnen, om jag minns rätt.

Hello Jawi have seen u put up Ian Dury and the Blockheads Stockholm 1978 and the set list is very detailed do u happen to have a recording of the show or any of Ian’s concerts please as I’m a fan of his music, thank you, best.

If the Living Room in Kiruna https://www.setlist.fm/venue/living-room-kiruna-sweden-6bd5ce2e.html is a private venue you should rename it to Private Venue (capital first letters) according to https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#venuesPrivateVenues

Please use exact location or venue for Slottsfestivalen Örebro following the guidelines at

Please use exact location or venue for Festivalborg Örebro following the guidelines at

Please use exact venue or location for festivals you create


I'm collecting Imperiet, Ebba Grön, Thåström, Helt Sonika bootlegs please contact me if you want to trade.

Best regards

Thanks for the updated HCSS setlist in Chester. I couldn't remember it all. Regards Carl

Thanks Hemgard, I have now deleted the Nilla Nielsen show on the 13th of december.

Hello Jawi2!
I see that you added Nilla Nielsen at Hos Jonas, Vejbystrand 12 december 2014. That show (and the one on 13 december) have been cancelled.

Hi Jawi2,

the name of the Levellers song is "What a Beautiful Day" http://www.levellers.co.uk/shop/mouth-to-mouth-special-deluxe-edition

Hey, what's the deal with changing Ulf Lundells "Hon gör mej galen" till "Hon gör mig galen" Lundell ALWAYS uses the spelling -ej (mej, dej) and not -ig (mig, dig). The song is called "Hon gör mej galen", even if other idiots use the spelling "mig". ALSO Teddybears STHLM is no longer using the "STHLM" in their name and are simply called Teddybears so DON'T go changing stuff that shouldn't be changed. PEACE!

I attended the show, but I don't have any recording. Sorry!

Hello. Did you attend Iggy's concert in Gothenburg 1994? Do you have a recording of that show or do you know where I could get it? Thanks for an answer.

Ok, thank you Tungsten! I have now deleted the wrong date. Sorry.

Hi. We saw you added a Tungstenconcert 13:th of April. Thats great, but we actually played the 12:th of April and that setlist is already there.
Add to that one if you want to. Appreciate you work, keep it up!

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