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Papadosio Setlists

Sep 14 2018

Papadosio at Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA

  1. The Lack of Everything
  2. Monochrome
  3. Passage
  4. Puddles for Oceans
  5. All I Knew
  6. Pool of Stars
  7. Out Of Hiding
  8. Fire Rite
  9. Liminal Daybreak
Aug 23 2018

Papadosio at Last Concert Cafe, Houston, TX, USA

  1. Advocate of Change
  2. How Not to Float
  3. Distress Signal
  4. Magreenery
  5. The Bionic Man Meets His Past...
  6. Ear to Ear
  7. New Love
  8. Omnifreeze
  9. The Sum
  10. Geoglyph
Aug 4 2018

Papadosio at Summer Meltdown Festival 2018

  1. By The Light Of The Stars
  2. Find Your Cloud
  3. Monochrome
  4. Find Your Cloud
  5. Mr. Turtle's Cloud Kingdom
  6. The Bionic Man Meets His Past...

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Papadosio setlists


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