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Nov 11 2023

Steve Miller at Rose Theatre, New York, NY, USA

  1. Jet Airliner
  2. I Can't Be Satisfied
  3. Crazy Mixed Up World
  4. My Baby's A Good 'Un
  5. Who's Been Talkin'
  6. Messing With the Kid
  7. I've Got My Eyes on You
  8. Double Trouble
  9. Love With a Feeling
  10. All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
  11. I'm Tore Down
  12. The Plain Old Down Home Blues
  13. ...
Apr 9 2022

Steve Miller at Sundance Square, Fort Worth, TX, USA

  1. Take the Money and Run
  2. Blues With a Feeling
  3. Baby's Callin' Me Home
  4. Tell Me What's the Reason
  5. I'm Tore Down
  6. Fly Like an Eagle
  7. Living in the U.S.A.
  8. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
  9. Caress Me Baby
Steve Miller setlists

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