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this doesn't mean that Santana played one song friend, relax.. see this as an ex.

Yes, listing the COB headlining show as "Halo of Blood" would also be valid. Either way is fine.

An "off-date" is when the supporting band(s) from a tour play a separate show without the headliner.

For example:

That is a Children Of Bodom headlining show. So it's not appropriate to classify it as "Mayhem Festival 2013". It's an off-date from the tour.

I'm not. Look more carefully at what's going on. chmetal has been fucking up every W.A.S.P. setlist by splitting the medleys. I've been fixing his mess.

There were a lot of shows missing, and still are..almost done though. :)
I am sorry, I had the same "spam" with Megadeth setlist a couple of weeks ago, if that could make you feel better :D

hey : ) it is my cover band and we did a long show that day , i remember that we had long intermissions and my friend was there and he get up on stage with us to sing Linkin Park songs ;)

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