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No Victoria's Secret due to Elias missing his own guitars during the show in Aschaffenburg, hej borrowed a red Fender.

Hi! The guy who thanked them for the signed setlist in the comments of this post has it in his profile pic: https://www.facebook.com/sonataarctica/posts/10156865357467969

You have included 'Leave This World Behind' though I'm not convinced it was played.
The gig is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m8O32d6q5Y but it does admittedly have a gap between what is the last song of the main set (Betrayer) and the encore (presumably).

Why did you revert the Metallica at Manchester 28 Oct 2017 post? You were not at this gig.
When they performed Don't Look Back In Anger they performed 2 verses and 2 chorus's of the song. That warrents it's own track listing. and Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) was performed complete with the band coming in towards the end, just like on the album Kill 'em All. On the LiveMetallica.com site, where you can purchase these shows as download or on CD, although Manchesters not available yet, the previous shows separate Kirk & Robs bits, so why don't you?

ok, you should open a new topic in the forum, and then we can ban him :)

we can ban him, but we can't be sure that he's not coming back

no problem dude, we're here for it, sorry if I was a jerk :( a "roadie" does the same thing as a moderator but it's less powered

@tapes are now listed as dismembered chapters and the actual song is listed as "The Greatest Show on Earth @Info[Chapter II: Life; Chapter III: The Toolmaker]" thanks for the help buddy


we did the same thing about Rush's "2112", in the album, it's one song, but i has many chapters, and they don't play all of them everytime, so we decided to dismember it

don't worry buddy, we're doing the right thing here, and i can say it without any doubts that we're doing it precisely. even if it's one song in the album, we need to dismember it as they're not doing the five chapters.

here's the explanation :

Do they ever play each section individually? If so, definitely use the five different chapter titles.

If it's always played in full with five sections, use “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

If it's played in full and also individually, I think we should use the five chapter titles AND “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

I made the changes because LMI wasn't originally released by Sonata, even though Tony wrote the song. The Ari Koivunen album came out 5 years earlier, so I think it counts as a cover

I posted the complete Sonata setlist. I got it off the setlist from the stage.

ho visto che posti nel Forum i link di MusicBrainz per correggere le statistiche dei Litfiba, link che peraltro non funzionano se li clicchi perchè l'Url non viene interpretato. Usa TinyURL crea un nuovo e semplificato URL che rimanda alla pagina che tu volevi linkare http://tinyurl.com/

Buona Fortuna, io ci ho provato all'inizio, dove le setlist contenevano vecchie canzoni che oggi non vengono più suonate, ma poi ho desistito, qui ognuno entra e si inventa una nuova scrittura all'inglese ammazzando il povero "italiano". Fai riferimento a MusicBrainz per vedere come si scrivono correttamente i titoli delle canzoni. Ciao

Abbi pazienza, non ho più vent'anni, ho un lavoro a tempo pieno e mi son preso la cura di caricare il 90% delle setlist dei Ramones che ho trovato più quelle di altri gruppi. I Litfiba non erano la mia priorità e quando vedo degli strafalcioni cerco di mettere ordine con il tempo che trovo. Ciao.

There's a lot more to come. '96-98 are the most interesting

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