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Hi! I saw that you went to much Robbie Williams gigs. I would like to know if you have bootlegs/recordings of gigs of Robbie (Its not necessary that They from the concerts you attended.). I have a lot if you want to exchange (I have the first night of Edinburgh 2003).

Matías :)

Yeah that link is fine but it should be ON THE SETLIST WHERE IT BELONGS, not my profile. I'm not sure why this is so difficult to understand. If you can't handle a simple rule then you shouldn't have editing privileges at all.

Since the site lists each day as starting at 7:00 AM Hendrix (and Sha Na Na) should be listed as Monday. Paul Butterfield played 6:00-6:55 so that show should be listed as the night before. Although it looks a bit silly to me to list a 6:00AM show as the night before, those are times that were agreed on.


Since you attended one or more concerts, could you change the location to the exact venue, not use the festival name for the festival and link them to the festival following the guidelines &

Awesome! I'm actually trying to re-create as accurate a setlist as possible for Monterey Pop, Isle of Wight and Woodstock (Live or studio tracks). Any chance you still have the track? And if you do would mind helping out a music fan? If it's a hassle don't even worry about. I'd appreciate the help!

Thanks! Do you by any chance know where you heard Richie Havens’ performance at the Isle of Wight? Thanks for the help!

I generalize to the common one. 98 ELP have more weight than one Whatshisname.

You don't deserve any answer from me you two-bit redneck mother-fucker. Rather than looking for mistakes i did, you should correct them back.
I didn't went to so many concerts, so what, i can use any recording of a concert existing and put up a setlist for it. Is there a rule forbidding correcting mistakes to concerts you've never been to? I created a whole lot of setlist of concerts given by Mozart, i've been to any of them.

Hi. All of the songs from that portion of the show were released way back in 1972 by John & Yoko. Here's the album:

Why does that make it their song? Because it's stated in our website's guidelines:

The guidelines state: "In cases where more than one artist, who are not in the same group, are credited with writing the song, then the artist who released the song first is given credit. E.g. Because the Night was written by both Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, but first released on the album Easter by Patti Smith Group. Therefore the song is credited as Because the Night @Cover[Patti Smith Group]"

Why did I remove the @Set? Because guest musicians should be listed for each individual song using @With. That's also listed in the guidelines.

Thank you, too. Multi-artist setlists always get confusing. :)

Haven't you read the message i posted in the problems with venues thread or are you just unaware that there is no king in the United Kingdom?

Re: Problems with venues
Posted 18 May 2019, 01:52

All these places should be called Her Majesty. There’s no King in England, there’s a Queen so the places are dedicated to her. If we had a setlist prior to 1952, it would be called His Majesty but we don’t.
The venue will change name whenever Elizabeth will go away.
My grandmother died at 95, Elizabeth is 93. Elizabeth’s mother died at 101.

Next problem is, that there are Muddy Waters and Muddy Waters Band.
The song is credited to Muddy Waters. If the Muddy Waters Band released the song first, then it's wrong. I don't know, if you can adding a member of relationship to the person Muddy Waters. A relationship to the band is possible.

...An @Song tag can be created by adding a member of relationship on musicbrainz, and can also work in the opposite direction, when a group plays a song originally released by one of its members....
Then it works!

If it is as you say, all 1781 setlists should be changed.
You are welcome to apply for it here:
or directly with a mod.
Maybe you convince the mods. They can change that with one click.
Good luck!

that's not correct.
Dixon wrote the song.
Waters released the song first (1954).
Dixon released the song in 1970.
Therefore it's a cover of Dixon.
Please read:
=> especially Exception 1
It's the same like "Bright Eyes" of Art Garfunkel.

I made this correction in Aberdeen because there has only been one concert at this venue
Is there really two venues with the same name in the same town? One on the University campus and the other one somewhere else in the city?

Hello, I was wondering if you kept your ticket stubs? You've been to several gigs throughout the years where I've lost my stub and had hoped you might be able to provide a scanned copy of them? Just a half dozen required. Thanks.

PS. Mighty jealous of some of the other gigs you've been to. Wow!

While I kinda agree with your point, this websites rules don't.
It's not my call, just check all of Metallica setlists here and see what the consistency is.
I didn't mean to 'disrespect' your edit, if it wasn't me it would've been some moderator to do that. Cheers!
p.s. also lists a 18-song set as per usual. Their 'Don't Look Back in Anger' was still a jam indeed -->