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Hey man,

Wow, where did you find the setlist of Stratovarius from Club CITTA' Kawasaki 1994?

Hey dude, thanks for the help (as usual) for the Sonata setlist in Las Palmas. Could you link me the picture from facebook? I'd like to share it with a couple of friends

Please use exact location or venue for Wanaja Festival Hämeenlinna following the guidelines at https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#festivalsHl
Some of which were uploaded by you.

Please use exact location or venue for Scooprock festival following the guidelines at

Please use exact location or venue for Huntenpopfestival following the guidelines at

Good evening,
do you have a recording of the Amorphis concert in Berlin back in 1999 on May the 5th?
If so I would interested to hear it again, because it was the first concert I joined with my wife. Thanks for reading and best wishes,

Yes, I know that but I think in this case an exception would be more correct. Tony is the original writer of the song and counting that as cover looks really odd doesn't it?

Dude, Losing My Insanity should be left as it is: a Sonata song, contained in Stones Grow Her Name. All the stats are now messed up, I'm going to revert this.

Can you please put a source for each Queensrÿche setlist that you add?

About Dream Thieves and FullMoon on those 2005 shows. I've seen you edited some setst: I know Dream Thieves was played in the earlier ones, do you know when they first switched those? It's a though one.

IMO it's better to write that setlist might be incomplete as an @Info in the last line not as the comment below the setlist.


You gave me a great help with those Sonata setlists!

Good work on all of those PL sets.

thanks for the update!

I think it's more correct to add "@Info[with Vodka outro]" to every last song, instead of add it as an outro tape. That means to edit all those setlists again...

It's just an outro, so that's why I edited all those setlists that way. For example, the tracklisting of the new DVD and this setlist don't mention Vodka as a regular song: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mp7PM8rvMNQ/TaCLYzG3-BI/AAAAAAAAABw/4VTnNocLhk8/s1600/settilista.jpg Of course, if the way I edited the sets doesn't feel correct, you can add "@Info[with Vodka outro]" to Don't Say a Word

Hey dude, Sonata Arctica did PLAY Vodka (Hava Nagila), I guess at every show. It's not a Tape... why changing all the setlists ?? The Outro Tape is just Everything Fades To Gray ...

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