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Long story short I'm a music fanatic exploring all sorts of sounds over the years and have been lucky enough to have caught a lot of shows over time.

I also have an association with Riffipedia: The Stoner Rock Wiki and also do research on bands in the stoner, doom, sludge and psych genres among others.


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I now indeed notice that your name is under many setlists. From what I understood from another user is that they changed the guidelines regarding tour names, but I'm not sure when, probably somewhere around 2012 because I noticed that 2011/2012 contain a lot of tours with festival names in them. It's not your fault however! I'm just editing them to meet the current guidelines. So don't worry about the amount of emails you get saying I'm editing stuff. I hope this clarifies it a bit :) If not, feel free to ask questions.

I've been editing a lot of tours lately that have been addressed as festivals, so I don't know to which one you are referring. I think the Head Cleaner festival? Many people don't know the difference between a tour and a festival and give the tour the same name as the festival. So when you look at the artist statistics page, you'll see that many tours only have one setlist. That was also the case for the Head Cleaner Festival. This is what I've been editing lately, because tours don't consist out of just one concert. It has been in the guidelines for quite some time, but apparently no one has edited the setlists that were created in the past.

The same goes for album release parties, if it's just one night, it is not a tour.

Hey, I don't think they played Acid Rain or I Led Three Lives. Here is the audio of the show and I think we should just leave as what you had before:

Thanks! Louisville has been sorely missing someone to get the weird shit, so I do my best.

I was wondering about this after that one guy was responding rather negatively (Including a message on this profile page I chose to delete). I could have done the same but chose instead to at least try to find a source for one of the sets and try to find out if the "Same set every night if it's known" deal was fine.
I'll keep this in mind for future reference though!

Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and give a friendly reminder that any time a setlist is updated it should include a source in the comment field (unless you were at the show). Sources give the site credibility and help settle any disputes before they happen.
Also, this person: is most definitely NOT a moderator. ;-)

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