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That's because Bob Marley had released these two songs together on an album. It wouldn't be if Bob Marley hadn't written any of these two songs but One Love, he wrote it himself.

How did you enter the set for the God's Love We Deliver show? They aren't letting enter various artists as an artist.

Thanks for that link to your review! Makes me even unhappier that I can't see them in Texas this weekend!!! Darn it!!!

Thanks for the Spear Of Destiny setlist!! Wish I could see them on this tour. I was trying to see them in Fort Worth on Sunday, but can't get off work. Were they as great as I think they were?

Hi there! I've read that you attended several Blondie gigs all over the years. Did you tape them or know of anyone who did? I'm interested in Blondie live stuff. Cheers

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