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Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from musicbrainz.org apply.

Hello, where did you get the setlist from Ben Harper in Munich? Have you been there? I already got the Setlist from there. I visited the concert.

I assume that when adding a support band, we need to add it as a new set list ? Sorry if my entries have been wrong, but I just found my old tickets and notepad, so I'm adding what I have......
I'll scan and add my ticket stubs to photobucket and provide a link via my profile.

Removing the encore break from the 2004 Metallica shows is fine with me, as long as all the setlists from the tour are edited consistently.

The @Cover tag is meant to indicate that "The Ecstasy of Gold" was written by Ennio Morricone, not by Metallica.

hi, nice you're adding and editing some setlists, but please be aware that you're messing up the statistics the way you edited e.g. the oasis setlist from marseille. it's always advisable to take a look at the statistics before editing a tour name or a song name.