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Hello do you have a recording of the Siouxsie 1986 Dallas show? I am a big collector with a large trade list.

This is one reason I made sure to keep all my stubs as possible.

Yeah, WTF?? There's no f-ing way anyone could make all these shows, how about the fact that no one could ever effort to pay for all them shows...

for fun i did some browsing of ur concert dates list, and i did not calc things like fests where 30 bands r playing which then can calc out to a real possibility for say a touring manager type, but i still right in previous comment cus u cant be in the state of illinois for a club show and the state of washington for a 30 band fest on the same day, but it was a fun browse

nope im not buying it, u did not attend all these shows, aside from the obvious wtf even a touring manager cant be at all these shows, u only have 3 edits so that means u used a program to download the band info and marked all entries as attended, i am curious if u have the highest attended count on the site even being bogus

Dude, were you at a show every night of the year for over 23 years straight? Crazy, you must be in the business.

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