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I just removed that note, as you asked. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else down the line, don't hesitate to ask! :)

Hey there! I've been good, thank you! I hope you've been doing well also. :)

I personally don't think the info with John's father is worth noting. It's one thing if the family member comes out onstage or has a song dedicated to them, but I don't think them just being there is something that should be pointed out. You can make the same argument about celebrities or royalty from other countries. There was a large amount of celebrities and likely family members present at the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion concert, but there isn't a note pointing out their presence on that setlist. Just about everyone goes to shows and someone just being there isn't particularly noteworthy. That note about Anthony's mother on the Comerica setlist should probably be removed; since Chad's mother was actually brought out onstage, I think that bit should be left in.

And I most certainly can remove the "BTW" jam note on that setlist! I'll do that right now.

You're very welcome! And sure thing, I'll make that change now!

I accept your apology and appreciate it very much. I apologize for not explaining myself better in our earlier interactions. I will gladly make the two edits you requested, since they are noteworthy.

Because a lot of those notes are small, arbitrary things that don't need to be listed. The teleprompter note, for example, Chad switches out his drumsticks and both Flea & John switch out their guitars between songs, but those things aren't noted. As for the "final show of the tour" note, that information can be seen by looking at the tour section's statistics. It doesn't need to be listed. Not every single thing that happens during the show needs to be listed, or else there would be a million notes on the setlist. Things like jams, dedications, and noteworthy changes made to any of the songs during the concert are perfectly fine to list, but other things like the teleprompter note just aren't necessary.

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