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Thank you.

Thanks for getting back to me on that issue. That would be great if you could remove them. We really don't know what was played at these shows and we don't want 'assumed' setlists listed except by attendees.

Please stop adding stock setlists for shows that you did not attend.

No problem,
If songs are performed in full but smoothly run into each other some people use > as info to show this, but if it's too much trouble for those listed, no problem.


I've noticed you edited a lot of 10CC setlists based upon http://tencc.fan-site.net/10cclive.77-80.html .
For 1980 you add some songs not listed on that website, so what's your source for these?
E.g. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/10cc/1980/jaap-edenhal-amsterdam-netherlands-2bcb7082.html
Also if Rubber Bullets~Silly Love~Life Is A Minestrone were not played in full as a medley they should be listed as such. See https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#setlistMedleys
If the setlists you upload isn't based with a valid source these may be reverted by a moderator.