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Hi tkmorgan, Re: Kansas
Throwing Mountains was the last song played on drums by Eric Holmquist. People of the South Wind, Dust in the Wind, Reason to Be and the first half of Lonely Wind were played without drums with Mr. Ehart joining in on drums midway through Lonely Wind. After Lonely Wind ended he then was introduced by Billy Greer who mentioned him "arriving just in time for the most difficult song to play" before they played Song for America as you had correctly recalled. -Ronnie

No problem:

If the cover artist is in the databse, you use the @Cover[] tag and not the @Info[] tag. is perscriptive.

Have a good one. Dr. AL

You added a gig for this artist:

Camilo (Ricardos's Montaner son in law) is touring in Argentina, and he added this new date because of the sold out the 4 previous. So I can certify he is here (all day on TV and Radio) :)

Here is the TKT link:
I took time to read the Festival Line up and Camilo was not there. Also he was removed form the flyer picture.

"songkick" is good source, but sometimes is not 100% up to date. As his web site uses that service, probably is wrong too.

Many thanks,

Hi tkmorgan,
I added those tour names for the Jackson Browne shows as some one else had added that name for some of the shows already on that tour, also the name 2021 Fall Tour had been used on all the James Taylor shows already.
The shows they did during the summer together had all be called the 2021 Summer Tour.
If you feel that the tour shouldn't be called this or should be called something else then feel free to change or revert any of the edits I made. You'd have to ask whoever added the tour that in the first place where they got the name from.

TK, I just discovered today a live studio performance recorded last month. There are two other similar recordings from the last year or so. Link here:

tkmorgan- you did a great job editing. Making a list and recording sure beat a 70 year old's memory. Thanks also for the links. I thought Van's voice was the best in several years. Guess quitting cigarettes helped. This was my 14th of 15th Van concert. I will be back for more.