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I’m Kev, 30 years old from France, living in Barcelona !
Constantly hitting the road for more raw emotions in concerts and festivals. If you see concerts we both attended, leave a comment, I’d be so happy to go down memory lane with you!

Where do we meet next?


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ABBA Voyage has 2 shows on Sunday. I've got you down for the 6 PM show. Let me know if you going to the 1 PM instead. Say Hi to them for me!


Sorry, I missed your reply. It depends on the band, with the Monkeys a good rule of thumb is that if it's a bunch of songs they've been consistently playing for a long time then it's likely a digital soundcheck, as they usually only do in person soundchecks for songs they haven't played a lot, or haven't played recently.

Hi, a digital soundcheck means the crew are playing back recordings of previous soundchecks. That way the band doesn't need to be there and the soundcheck still gets done.

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