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Hello Londonship,

Please take a minute to read these 15-20 lines about my Uriah Heep research:

Could you please send an e-mail to the address included on that page? ( )

I would like to ask you about the set lists you posted for 2 Uriah Heep concerts that took place in the 70's.

PS: If you are interested, I can send you memorabilia from those concerts (photos, tickets, reviews etc).

Thank you & best regards,

Hi Londonship. I saw your message on my profile but couldn't find out which edit you do not agree with? Do you mean the "Fool To Care" to "I was a Fool to Care" edit I did in the James Taylor concert you attended? Because in that case "I was a Fool to Care" is how it appears on the Gorilla album.

I was just browsing the site and noticed that some JT songs are often listen under the wrong name (and then decided to correct the mistakes), did not mean to annoy you ;-)

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