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HI londonship, you had asked me about the Black k
Keys shows that I attended and which one I preferred. I have to say that my experience was exactly the same across the board. I was fortunate to be up close at the united center and enterprise center, so I dont know if that affects anything. Each show had the same setlist, and the same dialogue. You can probably show me a video of them playing a show I went to, and ask me "where was this?" And I'd probably have a hard time telling you. If you have never seen them perform, I'd say see them in an arena and get that checked off your bucket list. Otherwise, maybe you can wait for a smaller venue. Why would you do that though? It's the Black Keys!

Curious whether Madonna's band played an instrumental opening set on any nights you attended. Thanks!

Hi Londonship. I saw your message on my profile but couldn't find out which edit you do not agree with? Do you mean the "Fool To Care" to "I was a Fool to Care" edit I did in the James Taylor concert you attended? Because in that case "I was a Fool to Care" is how it appears on the Gorilla album.

I was just browsing the site and noticed that some JT songs are often listen under the wrong name (and then decided to correct the mistakes), did not mean to annoy you ;-)

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