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Hi MAD222,
I understood. If you do not have the filming date, isn't it better to change the date to May 31st?

The best estimate I can give you is January 22, since they celebrated Takumi's birthday, which falls on that date. But the text specifically said that it wasn't the exact birthday, rather earlier or later.

Oh, nice find! I'm pretty sure they're all from the same date, she wrote the same date in the description of a video of the main act.

Okay, soI guess we have:
no SA BIR -
Gaika -
Ryoujoku -
Merciless Cult -
and Reiketsu -

Exact order mostly unknown, but I guess that's it. Don't know about THE FINAL, so I didn't add it for now.

And another one I'm missing in my excel sheet:

Any chance you can find the source again? I was only able to find MAGGOTS.

Changed some more setlists around. Any chance you'd still be able to find (and link, lol) the post you mentioned here?

Oh, that's where it's from, I see. Was wondering where I found the clip back when I added the note.

Would you mind if I remove the rest?

Hey, I'm double-checking DEG's song statistics and I was wondering, do you maybe remember where you found this setlist?

Because I have an extensive excel file of all their lives, and this one is empty...

Hi. Regarding DIMLIM's Mental Health Dance - aren't song titles written in Katakana transcribed instead of translated, on At least that's what I thought, but I couldn't find any guideline about it.

Thanks. No trouble with me to correct and merge the venue. I have done them. : )

Thanks for your confirmation.
It's up to you that you change the venue by yourself or let me do so. : )

Hi willmyerst51, thanks for confirming the venue of Kalafina in Shibuya.

About the tour name correction, thanks for your advice. Actually, I had tried the way exactly you advised me. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Yes, I will report this issue to mods forum later when I have enough time. : )

Hi, thanks for the answer. It seems same for a Moderator as butch edit does not work for tour name edit.
As you see below, seelentau asked me to correct capitalazition of DIR EN GRAY tour name.
At the moment, I can not change "To" to "to".
Could you let me know if you have any solution for this?

Hi, could you let me know if a Roadie can edit tour name on existing setlist?

Hi willmyerst51,
Done. Following is for your info. As you pointed, Saitama Kaikan opened in 1966. Its address was in the city of Urawa, capital of Saitama prefecture at the time. Urawa merged with Oomiya and Yono on 1 April 2001 and turned to the city of Saitama, current capital.

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