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haha. I did chuckle at your setlist edit, but that video is hilarious!
It's their language, it's in the name ;)

Well done on edits. It wasn't my turn to keep track : ) But I did add a few this morning
Thanx see ya tonight ?

I was completely overwhelmed with the new Stage and lights ! It was kind of nice that the new lighting makes it really hard for people to capture! And the 4 (so far) covers that they have either only performed 2 times prior to last night, or correct me if I am wrong but 1 time cover for Final song Show Me??? I couldn't find any info of them ever covering it?? But I swear I have heard it before?? I know 1 thing for sure, I have suggested Keep on Smiling many many times , because it is a song that raised me! And they killed it!!!Looking forward to what they are gonna pull out of their hats tonight

lol not a "crusade" just trying to be accurate ;-)

As a roadie, I don’t have the ability to see IP addresses or ban people, but I strongly suspect you are right, and I have flagged those people to the mods.

Yes, there were definitely snippets of Little Martha. I would call it a tease instead of listing it as a complete performance.