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Your comment on the Rock for the Rainforest 2019 show stayed with me:
"Is there a way to publish the set list as it occurred, with all the songs and performers in the order they appeared?"
I encountered something similar this week on a "festival-esque" multi-performer show from 2013 - https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2013/another-day-another-time-7bd70668.html.
I've since added the individual performer setlists to the show/"festival". Originally someone made a "Various Artists" setlist for the show with the songs performed in order (with@Cover) but the performer listed in @Info (so not linked but name shown.) I think this would be a good addition to the Rock for the Rainforest show if you wanted to make it since you have the original setlist. By NOT using @With the artist performance isn't double counted in the individual artist statistics.