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I see you are back adding setlists for shows that you did not attend without providing sources. If this doesn't stop your editing privileges will be revoked again .
When adding shows, especially very recent ones with an Unknown Venue as a location, it's advised to put a source for this, otherwise these might be considered as fake.
And remember my previous message from about six months ago, you're still adding songs to shows you didn't attend without mentioning any source.

Please use exact location or venue for HD Fest Strasbourg following the guidelines at
Your comment underneath just isn't good enough to justify your uploads.
Ideally you need to put a source for every upload so it can be verified.
The internet is too vast an ocean or haystack to find your needle.
This is a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge.

Just FYI, all my venue/date sources come from

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