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Could you, please, delete this link ( from the edits?
It was added by mistake.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Dom,

I would like to add some new albums by an artist. You probably know how to do this ?

thanks in advance for responding;


Hi there! I have written on the track In Vogue by the band Japan. Its on the wrong album! I have tried to written on "Wrong Album Assigned"on several occasions! Why does it not change?

Please fix the date for Steve Vai and Joe Satriani from May 26 to May 17, 1996 at the Nautica Stage in Cleveland. I was there for the G3 which included the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band which was already posted with the correct date.

There was a Steve Vai concert during the Fire Garden Tour in November 1995 or 1996 at the Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio which I attended as well not on the list. Beer For Dolphins was the special guest as Mike Keneally played with Steve Vai's band at keyboards and rhythm guitar.

Thank you

Sorry to bother you twice ...

I'd like to list some of "The Opposition" concerts setlists I know of, that were played during the "Rock en France" festival.

But this was a touring festival, three concerts on three days in a row in five different cities.

How do I enter this in the database ?
I tried to add a new festival but it will ask dates, and I only know the dates for The Opposition at this venue. Also, I only know the Opposition dates I have (from jan 20 to Feb 02, 1991) but I can't tell if there wer any beofre or after during the festival.

Any help appreaciated

Two points on which I need your help.
1*/ I try to add a new venues in Saint-Lô (France) [ ]. But as there is no match in the database I can't enter the venue city, and then can't add the setlist. Can you help ?
2*/ I did a mystake on the name of a tour >>
It is not "lateR", but "late" . Im' very sorry for my mystake. Can you help on this too ?
Thanks in advance
All the best.

Hey bud, I'm trying to add the venue Scala which is in North London, Kings Cross. The closest 'city' result in the list given when I enter 'London' is Ramada London North M1.
There is a gig for The One Hundred that was on 1st August 2014 that I'm trying to add.

Could you please assist once you get the chance?

Thank you!

Hi Dom,
I noticed that there's a show for I the Mighty that has the wrong year. The link below shows a date of 1992. It looks like someone made a new show with the correct date but is there anyway to delete this incorrect one?

I'm trying to add a set list for the San Diego House of Blues and there are already lots of set lists for that venue but the Add Setlist page isn't recognizing it when I try to enter it. When I type in House of Blues the drop down menu doesn't show San Diego as an option and I've tried cutting and pasting the venue info from another set list on this website but I've had no success. make a short story can I add a set list for the San Diego House of Blues?
The artist is Eric Johnson on Jan. 21, 2020. Thanks!

Hi Dom,
How does one list a House Concert as a venue?
Wesley Stace performed 2/17 in Rising Sun, MD at a private home as part of his current tour. He posted the set list on social media and I’d like to add it to Setlist. Any ideas?

Hi Dom,

I only discovered this brilliant site today. Can you please change the name of the Dublin venue currently listed as the Sir Francis Xavier to Saint Francis Xavier Hall aka The S. F. X. It was a great venue but was demolished in the 1990' and is now a block of apartments.


Hi there,

I'd like to add a new venue:
METAStadt Open Air Festival in Vienna, Austria.
However, I need the 22nd district of Vienna, Donaustadt, in order to do so; but Donaustadt, Vienna is not yet on the city list. How can I add it?

Hi there, could you please change the name of the festival from "Prof Outdoors 2018" to Prof Outdoors 5" on this one:

Hey Dom,
I saw you went to Haken, Leprous, and Bent Knee!
I went to Orlando show; it was rad.
This was the 3rd time this year I caught Leprous; those guys are something special.
Happy Holidays, Dr. Al-

Hey can you please get rid of the Fishbone setlist at Back to the Beach Festival 2018 it is the wrong Fishbone

Damn u please delete the setlist below for papa roach feb 27 2007 at crocodile. The show was the 26th, they played Hartford the 27th

Quick question, if a few artists play a gig together, is there a way of adding all the artists?

I just wanted to add release information to the song:

From the release The Third Day (EP)

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