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May I ask why you changed the venue to Le Salle des Fetes in Mexy?
There's two writing errors in there, while in the one which existed there was none.

Hi Zamal,

All I did was change the artist from Peter Hook (the individual) to Peter Hook and The Light (the group). Peter Hook and the Light is the artist for all those days as have tried to show on the links for each of my edits.

Regarding @Song vs @Cover, I personally agree with you that it should be @Song since Peter Hook is a member of both bands. However our system here treats @Cover and @Song interchangeably (no matter which one you use) and will only apply @Song if the artist was an individual to a song from one of his bands or the band does a song from one of its individual member's solo careers. When it is a band doing the song from another band, even if they have members in common, it treats it as a cover I am afraid. I have given my feedback regarding this repeatedly to the administrators but it looks like it is something very difficult to change unfortunately.

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