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Andrea Gioè, cantautore palermitano.
Dal 94 ha composto 343 canzoni.
11 album e 10 ep all’attivo.
Nel 2004 studia canto con Tosca, Fabiana Rosciglione, Maria Grazia Fontana e Gabriella Scalise presso Cinecittà Campus.
Compone L’Angelo Bianco in memoria al Santo Papa Giovanni Paolo II.
13/9/18 “Andrea!(…sto rinascendo)” 46° Indie Music Like, inserita su RAIPLAY RaiRadioTuttaItaliana; 1°Indipendenti “Emergenti Web”, 16°Indipendenti Web.
29/1/19 L’Ottimista! 237k streams con un picco di 11k ascoltatori mensili.
21/2/19 Firma le musiche dello spettacolo Teatrale “Orlando&Rinaldo: Da Pupi a Realtà”.
13/12/19 L’Ottimista!(…in copioso silenzio) 9°album in Studio 347k streams.
26/1/20 The WORKER vince lo Special PRIZE al Teatro Politeama di Palermo. Film di Carlo Comito. Musiche di Gioè.
20/3/21 Le sue musiche su Flat Cap, DocuFilm di Comito.
16/6/21 L’Eclettico (Chronos Collection 1994 / 2021) già 1.600.000 ascolti su Spotify!
23/8/22 Fuori il suo 11°album in studio “Telepazzia”.


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When adding an info tag which you changed from normal parentheses at (Le refuge) to show it's a cover song, you might as well create the person on musicbrainz, which I just did to have him imported after some time and add the cover tag.


Can you explain why you changed Swing Gitan / La felicità, which you created originally to La felicità . Under the comment box is written to explain the reason why you add or edit something. It is there for a reason. This was already explained to you more than one month ago.
If you did this edit to cover tag one of the songs anyway and to turn around my question Please send us proof that both songs are composed and sung by Simona Molinari, it's a bad idea because if you sang both songs they have to be listed.
All doubtable edits may be reverted by the mods.

Please send us proof that both songs are composed and sung by Simona Molinari.
Under the comment box it is specifically asked to give a source for every edit.

Thanks for responding! Regarding the picture in your artist's profile, you can send an email to help at setlist dot fm with the picture and a permission to use it on this site.
I am busy for the next 2 days, but I will work with you after that on trying to insert all the correct artists to your setlists. Thanks again!

Hi, please try to follow our guidelines when adding setlists:

More specifically:
1- Don't use "(A.Gioè)" on song titles for your own songs.
2- Use @Cover[] for song titles from other artists, for example @Cover[Bob Dylan]
3- Use @Info[] to add any additional information to the song that is not part of the title, for example @Info[avec Eric]

Se non capisce l'inglese, posso riscrivere tutto questo in italiano. Grazie! Thanks!

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