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Hi! There is an issue with how festivals are created where a venue cannot be assigned to more than one festival per date. In this case, "Private Venue, Unknown City, USA" had already been assigned to another festival for that date, hence the wrong festival assignment. If you know more specifically where the performance took place (for example the city), we might be able to fix it that way.

I see that for your most recent upload for Bess Atwell when you click on rsvp you get a link that will remain.

It's just copy and paste. It's even preferable not to use a link that disappears once the concert is over. So if the artist has an archived concert page, better use this one.
It's not up to the person who wants the information to google the artist's homepage.
This is a collaborative site where everyone should do their best to help eachother.

Yes for every upload one needs to put a source. That's the reason why Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons. is written under the edit comment box, also when creating a setlist.


I meant in general, no specific setlist.
E.g. for these & sources are missing. It's not only for the songs performed that a source is needed, also for the concert itself.
I'm sure there's more. Better start learning because there's major changes coming up.

Would you be willing to share a source for your uploads and or edits?
Under every edit comment box is written to "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons." So please honour us by sharing your knowledge.

Please do not add any more shows or create any more venues using the name "Living Room Show" as it is NOT a venue it is a concert series.

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