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I found that the setlist you uploaded for April 12 in Brussels with an Unknown Venue was at PSK Henry Le Boeuf on April 15 through an article in a French newspaper published on April 17. In that article they talk about the concert being on Tuesday before. On that day you also uploaded a setlist for Frankfurt. So your program may be incorrect for some dates.

Hi there,
I have removed your comment about Dancing in the Moonlit Knight from the Ray Wilson setlist from Calvi, as he had actually played the song before as a solo artist.
By the way, do you know which band supported him on guitar and violin during the first two songs?

Hi! Regarding Zucchero's L'urlo Tour 1992 / 1993, how do you know what was played at every single show? That was over 20 years ago. Please reply to my profile. Thanks!

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