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Hey there! Did you happen to film any of the Michael Jackson shows you went to or know anyone who did? If not, that is no problem, but most of the concerts do not have full footage put on YouTube.


Please use exact location or venue for following the guidelines.

Hi there,
I have removed your comment about Dancing in the Moonlit Knight from the Ray Wilson setlist from Calvi, as he had actually played the song before as a solo artist.
By the way, do you know which band supported him on guitar and violin during the first two songs?

Hi Blukaos,
Just a question regarding the "tape"-intro of "in the air tonight" (Phil Collins, Cologne, June, 11th)
You could clearly see, that the keyboarder was using the vocoder "live", so can you explain why it has been (re)marked as "tape" on all the setlists?

Best regards,

Hi! Regarding Zucchero's L'urlo Tour 1992 / 1993, how do you know what was played at every single show? That was over 20 years ago. Please reply to my profile. Thanks!

Thanks for the info. Didn't know it was from Last Exit. I googled it know and found it. It's a nice version, too.

Great question. Maybe I would leave it as Sting song from the moment he wrote it much before The Police, and first recording of the song is from Sting's first band Last Exit (a demo circulates around the web too and it's from I think 1975/1976...). So It's a Sting song for me, and If I had to connect it to a band I would list it as Last Exit song rather than The Police. Thanks for your kind message.

Dear Mr Blukaos,
you know Sting and The Police very well. I have some doubts regarding "I Burn for You": Sting wrote this song like many other Police-songs. But it was first pubished by The Police 1982 for the "Brimstone & Treacle" soundtrack ( ). In it is shown as a Sting song. Is this correct, or should it be shown as a The-Police-song? What's your expert opinion?
Best regards,

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