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Longtime metal/rock head turned new school rap fan.

GNR fanatic.
Pearl Jam fan.
Dead Head.
Travis $cott fan boy.

Upcoming things:
Buku Fest - 3/20-21/2020
Pearl Jam - 4/9/2020 (still waiting to see where my tickets are)


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Yeah, i tried to dig around and find any information on this other Tonic that i could and came up empty. Pretty sure they're local so maybe i'll come across them in the future. Unless we later find out Tonic helicoptered off the boat, played a show in NOLA they didn't promote and then flew back to the boat, i think it's safe to assume this wasn't them.

I saw you added Tonic to a show at the Carnaval Lounge on January 25. I came across an event listing for this show (https://www.facebook.com/events/2939851186025945/) but I don't think this was the same Tonic as the 90s alt-rock band, seeing as they are currently on the Rock Boat that left Miami on January 24 and is sailing until the 29. Any idea who this artist might actually be? I'm thinking they might be local to New Orleans/gulf coast but i can't say i've heard of them.

Youre right, i confused it with kill your heroes. Ill add that, thanks!

Hi there, do you happen to remember any songs from this concert?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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