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Manager of Soul Project NOLA.
Fillmore New Orleans Krewe.
Music Industry wanderer.
Setlist nerd.
General idiot.


Member since March 9, 2023
Last seen July 15, 2024
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You can edit. But enough with getting into revet wars, arguing about who "owns" a setlist, etc. If an edit is made to the site's Guidelines and you don't like the Guideline, then discuss it in the Forum.

This is a wiki-site and every user can contribute / edit with sources. Guidelines have evolved over the life of the site. How a band's setlists were entered 10 years ago may be different than how a current tour is formatted.

What this isn't is a fan site where any ONE person, or a group of "fans of the band" get to decide how THEY want the setlists formatted that isn't to the Guidelines.