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Dear deth_from_above,
I created (by mistake) the tour "Horizon Ignited" for the band "The Agonist".
How can I undo this mistake? Can you erease the tour name for me?
(The Agonist tour has in fact no name).

Are you sure Forbidden and The Mentors played Milwaukee Metal Fest XI 1997? I thought they cancelled. Did you actually see them perform or just grab their names of the original flyer?

hey there, i added a band to musicbrainz (Sakrificer) 3 days ago and i STILL can't import them and post a setlist, what's up???

In regards to the Listings for "Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale"- The Club is actually called "Revolution Live". I would like to correct the 30 Seconds to Mars listing but it seems foolish since all other concerts there identify it simply as 'Revolution". Do you have a means of changing ALL the listings at once? If so, can you do the same for all "Jimmy Kimmel Live" postings for consistency?

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