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Hi. Please add sources when you make edits. Its required by the Guidelines and the only way we can confirm that your edit is accurate and true,
For example:
Instead of describing where you found the information, you need to paste a link to the video/information. Every social media post has a share button that allows you tor easily copy the url to the post, every web page has a url that can be copied.

Curious about this set

Years before Cohn’s breakout success with songs not noted elsewhere. What is your source?

Hi there! I see you attended a Queen concert in January of 1977, and was wondering if you or someone you know taped this show. If you do have any recordings of this show, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Laci1717! I am going to the BØRNS concert on September 21st and I have been trying to find a setlist for the longest time. I was looking on this website for one and saw that you went to the concert last night. Is there any way you could send me a setlist? Thanks!

Who concert was great, great tunes, and maybe best visuals/video I've ever seen behind stage. Funny, but now there's 2 entries for the Who in Tampa. I'm sure someone will fix? "Fabio" had the first entry, and when I first visited, there was a page set up for 16 April in Tampa, so naturally I chose the 15th ... Anyway, hope the show in Miami will be fun!

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at :
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr

@corndogjenkins Thanks for adding Brakelights-I recorded snippets of each song but it is harder than I thought identifying the songs now! Thanks for any help!

Hi; I added "River of Brakelights" to Julian + the Voidz's West Palm Beach show (had to ask my wife the song title), but I'm not sure where in the setlist it actually appeared. Thanks!

If you are talking about the "A beautiful lie" era setlist, I just reverted setlists that you posted without source. Sometimes you added songs to sets that were not played according to my source. Btw, if you post the source for the edit, we'll get through the whole problem. I've seen you did a pretty good job with some of the old shows, but trust me I don't delete songs without a reason ;)

Regarding "Bad Things" vs. "The Bad Things"

We don't have any tools to move setlists from one artist to the other. You will need to edit each setlist individually to move it to the correct artist.

Regarding the artist Bad Things, you have to create an entry for them on MusicBrainz first.

I don't have a source for the Beach Boys shows either.

But I know it was somewhat common for them to play a Noon show in one city, then an evening show in a different city. So I'm guessing that's what happened with the Vail and Beaver Creek 1988 shows.

Hi Laci. I changed the CU Events Center for you.

Regarding the July 17, 1988 Beach Boys, Beaver Creek, Vail setlist...

Not sure exactly what you're asking me to do with this one?

There are two different bands with the name U2. You are posting the setlists to the wrong one. To help you choose the correct band, type in the following MBID in the artist field (followed by a trailing space) when adding the setlist.


Also, the cached pages may not update right away. So don't worry if you don't see the setlists in the statistics. It may take a day or two to update.

There is a thread about the Florida 2006 shows there:

Hi Laci - you are most probably right - the show seems to be from 28 June 1983 - we have confirmation of the B52's date, & looking into whether they played 2 dates there. We cant find any info for the B52's playing there in 1982, but you mentioned REM touring for Chronic Town which was mainly in 1982, whereas in 83 they were touring for Murmur. By seeing the setlist I can tell you what particular year it was from. But for starters we can assume it was the June 1983 date.

Sounds nice. Please add it to the feature request forum on thanks

I agree. However, I think you should appeal to leglessmoof about the issue, because I'm of no real authority here :P