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Paramore was opening up for the band Roper. I created setlists for both bands but I mistakenly thought I was editing the Roper one. I will add those tunes to the Roper instead. Thanks for reverting the goof.

There needs to be an audience. I've deleted the setlists at his friend's houses. They've been deleted in the past.

Please do not add recording sessions to the site. Only performances with an audience. Thank you.

Please stop modifying Ligabue setlists.
"A che ora è la fine del mondo?" is not a R.E.M. cover in the way is intended in the site's guidelines.

Hi alert23,
I noticed that you recently reverted my edits on a number of Ed Sheeran setlists. Is there a reason you believe these songs should be medleys?

According to the guidelines, medleys are "a mix of different song snippets"--part of each song, not the full song:

When I saw Ed Sheeran perform this week, songs like "One / Photograph" and "Feeling Good / I See Fire" weren't medleys; they were two full songs performed without a break in the middle. According to rules, they should then be split into two separate songs. (We can use the @Info[>] tag to show they were performed without a break.)

If you believe these songs should still be medleys, please discuss your ideas with us in this forum topic:

Thanks again for your help!
~ Jabberwocky

Stop editing the setlist for Metallica at the Chris Cornell show. I was there. The "One" snippet was BEFORE All Your Lies and performed as an introduction.

Hi, I noticed that you just posted a setlist for this Patti Smith show:

Would it be possible for you to post your source as a comment to this setlist? Whenever uploading setlists for shows you did not attend, please always include the source!

Thanks so much,

Where are you getting the info for these setlists?

Thanks for adding the Bruce Cockburn setlist.

Hey there, I just saw that you mistakenly created this venue with a spelling error:

I'm not sure if you did, but I just would like to check that you will report any duplicate/incorrect venues in the future with the "Report a problem: Duplicate venue" link on the venue page?

Thanks! :)

I have the set list from this concert in El Paso, TX which I attended "I was there"! why are you
changing my list when you weren't even at the show

For the Los Lobos setlists that you have been adding, please keep "La bamba" and "Good Lovin'" separate. They've been playing this version of "La bamba" with "Good Lovin'" in the middle for almost two decades if not longer. Thanks!

There's several Hippodromes in Paris, it would help if you could choose the exact one for the one you either uploaded or edited.