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All of the Camp Mars shows were performed on the lawn at Camp Crag. The shows the previous two years were also performed there, not in the Parking Lot and not at the Woodlands CC.

Sorry about that 30stm slip up earlier. I'm not that familiar with their non-album material and I assumed that 'Some Other Son' was the same as 'The Believer' in all cases, since I'd seen Youtube videos which seemed to suggest they were the same thing. My bad!

Hi! A couple of questions since you see to be periscoping all of Muse's shows, do they sometimes have an encore break before Mercy but not always? In Houston they did not have one and you also marked Dallas as not having an encore but then Glenndale as having one.
What criteria did you use to decide whether there was an encore or not?

Hey what´s up dude.
Just a quick question, why would you consider Isolated System as a song if the band doesn't actually play anything in the song?


Sorry for muse concert maya 2015. I thought its taxe with to the début of theKnights of cy donna info. Thanks

No worries, did they play Different? That's the main one I would be excited to see if they were ever to come to the UK :)

Hi, just wondering if you know Acceptance's setlist from 17th, if it was the same as on the 15th?

"This is a duplicate"

Please send me a link to the correct setlist as well, and I'll redirect the new one. Thanks!

Here's what the guidelines say about touring festivals:

For touring festivals be sure to follow these guidelines:

1. If the dates of the touring festival are the only tour dates of the artist, it's safe to use the touring festival name as tour name. E.g. Ozzfest 2010
2. If the dates of touring festival are just a part of the artist's larger tour, then use the larger tour name and not the name of the touring festival.
3. If there are some off-dates that obviously wouldn't have taken place without the touring festival, then label them as "Off-Date". E.g. Ozzfest 2010 (Off-Date)

So, Vans Warped Tour wouldn't be irrelevant in example 1. "Vans Warped Tour" is an actual tour name.

If a band goes on some huge tour that starts in, say, April and tours nonstop right up to the Warped Tour, and when the Warped Tour ends just keeps on going with further dates, then you would probably use example 2.

The bottom line is just that we want to keep the tours listed in one way for the whole tour.

I'm sure if you bought a Linkin Park tour shirt at one of those shows it would say "Meteora" on it. It wouldn't say "White Pony" or "Back to School". Here's an example of why (This example is from a discussion about a different band, but the reasoning still applies). :

"Last year Tame Impala toured the U.S. from Sept. 30th until Oct. 27th. For the first four shows they opened for Flaming Lips. Then they played four shows on their own. Then they opened for The National for two shows. Then finished with three more shows by themselves.

That's ONE tour, and it has to be listed the same way for the WHOLE tour. Writing (Opening For Flaming Lips) or just simply (Flaming Lips) in the tour line for four shows is unacceptable because they didn't stay with them for their entire tour. Listing the name of the Flaming Lips album (The Terror) for those shows is unacceptable for the same reason. Each band tours in support of THEIR OWN album. Otherwise that ONE Tame Impala tour would be listed as THREE different tours, and that is incorrect."

Here's what the guidelines say is acceptable

1. A specific tour name. e.g. The Rolling Stones "50 and Counting Tour".
2. The name of the album that the artist is touring in support of.
3. Season, year and/or geographic area.

No, they are touring in support of their own album "30 Seconds To Mars". That's what the tour should be. That goes for any band on the site. They tour in support of their own album.

Regarding those 30 Seconds to Mars tours: A band can only tour in support of their own album. For example 30 Seconds To Mars can't tour in support of "Morning View" because that's not their album. Same goes for "Animosity" or any other album that doesn't belong to them.

The Muse Lollapalooza Sao Paulo setlist is now part of The 2nd Law tour. Thanks for the heads-up.

Okay, I've locked that Muse setlist from future editing. If anything is incorrect, please contact me and I'll make the appropriate edits.

Ideally, we should indicate "Soundcheck" in the Tour: entry so as to differentiate the event from the concert, like the VyRT in Montreal, or Radio shows pre-concert

I disagree with @leglessmoof. In the forums it has been discussed, and I thought decided, that if the "Soundcheck" has fans in attendance, particularly paying or VIP fans, as 30 Seconds to Mars does, they should be listed as separate events. Particularly since 30STM so often debuts new songs during Soundchecks- just don't list multiple playings of the same song because it really messes with the all time song count. In any case TT, don't delete your records of the Soundchecks!

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