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Does anyone have the audio of the tinker st april 1 1989 gig ? Thanks, Ben

Hello Ranchotexicali,
Thanks very much for filling in my many memory lapses for the 4/11/23 Hot Tuna show in Asheville. I think we are triangulating towards recreating the truth, but possibly not quite there yet. I am fairly sure (but perhaps not completely confident) that How Long was the second song played. I am also absolutely certain that Death Don't Have No Mercy, Barbecue King and Genesis were all played in the the second set. Although I am not confident about the order, I am quite sure that Genesis appeared late in the set (2 or 3 songs before Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning. Perhaps we have to wait for a 3rd party to reconcile the discrepancies?

Hello, just to inform you that Aversions Crown is not opening for Shadow of Intent on their current European run. The band dropped off the tour and was replaced by Enterprise Earth.

Thanks for that C.O.C. update...it's weird that they are playing nothing off that album.

Are you sure that the Corrosion of Conformity Tour going on now is called "No Cross, No Crown"? The album is 4 years old, and they aren't playing ANY songs off of it. Also all the different tour posters on the merch table just call it "MMXXII" (2022) across the top of the tour dates, no mention of that last album, "No Cross, No Crown"....Just wondering.


You may notice that last years Desertfest in Borgerhout Antwerp was held in different halls of the Trix building. https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2021/desertfest-belgium-2021-73d4926d.html
For this year I see there's 3 stages mentioned, so I suppose the stages are linked to a particular hall. Two of the artists you uploaded are performing on a different stage.
Last year two persons who had the physical leaflet of previous years updated all https://www.setlist.fm/festivals/desertfest-belgium-7bd69670.html
I suppose it's better to wait before adding anymore concerts. When I discover what stage is connected to what venue I'll add an alias, so it will be easier in upcoming years.

Please use https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Language/English as a source instead of capitalisation, which can be interpreted any way to new users.



Our european tour is over
Thanks to all the people who came to our shows, it was an amazing experience to play in so many cities with a perfect ending in Lyon with our friends from @baikal_band
We are very sorry for Krakow, Cluj Napoca, Sofia and Zagreb we hope to come back in a near futur.
Thanks to @conjureruk , it was really nice to meet you guys.
Krakow, Cluj Napoca, Sofia and Zagreb shows is canceled Right???

( https://archive.ph/mMcVA )
The link you added as a source doesn't include information about this show.
Could you please add a valid and proper source from now on.

This show that you entered for Dr. John never happened. Unfortunately that website isn't very reliable at all. I am deleting the setlist.


Hello! There is a mistake with PAIN concerts. You can see new concert dates here: https://www.painworldwide.com/news/69-new-dates-for-russia-and-ukraine
Novosibirsk show was cancelled. Thank you and sorry to bother you.

I'm wondering why you uploaded https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-exploited/2021/kavka-zappa-antwerp-belgium-7b8b9e44.html at Kavka in Antwerp, while your source list Vorselaar 'Once a Punk Festival' http://the-exploited.net/dates.htm
Further investigation makes clear that this is postponed until next year http://www.shootmeagain.com/agenda/29179_2020-05-23_herentals_hethof_theagitators_dirtyscums_lionslaw_redzebra_uas_jawless
Give the Covid circumstances you need to be more careful when uploading setlist, and verify under what conditions concerts are organised in another country.
So please report this setlist to be deleted.

Greetings Friend,
I have a question regarding the setlist from this show...https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/overkill/2007/pops-sauget-il-2bd13472.html
Did you get this from memory or a recorded source??? I clearly remember the opening song as "Devils In The Mist" and towards the end they played "Nice Day...For A Funeral" both missing from your list. Just curious if you have a different memory or there is video/audio footage to crush my head thoughts.-J

I noticed that you changed a lot of Chicago's Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon to individual songs and I must protest. The 7 songs are performed as a single item in their set; a medley if you like. By listing them as separate songs, it gives the impression that they are played as individual songs. On the album, they are all listed under Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon. When I entered them, I separated the songs with a space-slash-space to indicate a medley. Is this not correct?

The three concerts you uploaded for the year 2012 at Espace 2500 Botanique were all wrong. That's why it's important to put sources for your uploads even when it wasn't mandatory.

thank you for responding! I wanted to check with you first before asking the admins / mods to edit.

Hi. Do you have a source for this setlist, and what music group is "The Band" that played this?
It's currently linking to the roots rock/ Levon Helm Robbie Robertson The Band and they last played live in 1997. This festival also started in 2012. https://www.facebook.com/nydowntownjazz/

There was a JVC Jazz Fest in NYC in the latter half of June 2007, no “The Band” in that lineup https://www.nj.com/ledgerentertainment/2007/06/jvc_jazz_festival_new_york.html

Please review the notes on the Kreator show that you updated about 2 hours ago. Those are errors, and it will need to be changed back. Have a look at the notes and we can discuss further.

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