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I noticed that you changed a lot of Chicago's Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon to individual songs and I must protest. The 7 songs are performed as a single item in their set; a medley if you like. By listing them as separate songs, it gives the impression that they are played as individual songs. On the album, they are all listed under Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon. When I entered them, I separated the songs with a space-slash-space to indicate a medley. Is this not correct?

The three concerts you uploaded for the year 2012 at Espace 2500 Botanique were all wrong. That's why it's important to put sources for your uploads even when it wasn't mandatory.

thank you for responding! I wanted to check with you first before asking the admins / mods to edit.

Hi. Do you have a source for this setlist, and what music group is "The Band" that played this?
It's currently linking to the roots rock/ Levon Helm Robbie Robertson The Band and they last played live in 1997. This festival also started in 2012. https://www.facebook.com/nydowntownjazz/

There was a JVC Jazz Fest in NYC in the latter half of June 2007, no “The Band” in that lineup https://www.nj.com/ledgerentertainment/2007/06/jvc_jazz_festival_new_york.html

Please review the notes on the Kreator show that you updated about 2 hours ago. Those are errors, and it will need to be changed back. Have a look at the notes and we can discuss further.

Same for concerts in Switzerland, e.g. Madball at Kiff, Aaarau.

Hello Ranchotexicali,
again you created a setlist for the band Almanac at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany.
Please note that the venue is closed by government order until April 9th, 2020. There are no Germany anymore for the next weeks due to the covid-19 outbreak. Let's hope for better times.

Hi! How are you?

I wrote to you about the Benediction's Latin American tour. It was cancelled at last minute, for health problems of the lead singer. Just for in case, to stop the next dates of the band.


Thanks for correctly citing Masquerade ATL shows!
Much appreciated.

Dr. AL

Hi, for Masquerade Atlanta, please cite by room: Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.
There are often 3 shows a night occurring there in each separate space within the venue.

The name of the song is and always will be plural....Ghosts in My Guitar. Look at the album (Kings & Queens of the Underground - track 8), look at Billy's website, look at the lyrics, check YouTube, do a Google search, it's GHOSTS (plural), not Ghost. Stop changing it!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd45xzqp4IM

What time did Andrew McMahon take the stage last night?

The guidelines amongst the moderators are that covers sung in a different language are listed as the foreign title with the cover tag (look e.g. at all those Johnny Hallyday covers)

Hello Ranchotexicali, unfortunately Aversions Crown cancelled their Japan tour in January 2019. So, I will delete your post of their setlists.
FYI, this is local notification of cancellation from their agent in Japan.

Hi there! Please stop changing the July Talk setlists for Sex Song - it's an entirely different song, save the chorus, and the band considers it such. As its verses and melody may become something else, it's more fair to leave it as a separate song and is referred to as such by the band. We note the Touch connection via the chorus for completists' sake. Cheers!

C’est quoi le but d’inscrire des setlists si tu n’est pas aller ? Tu corriges des setlist pour des show que tu n’est pas aller ? Get a life man !

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