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How was the Rev. Horton Heat show?
I bailed last minute because I wasn’t sure if the rain would stay away?

Merry Christmas, Dr. AL

Yeah that definitely sounds like a hot mess! I just uploaded the set list based on Ruth Eckerd Hall‘s advertisement for the show.
Happy holidays Dr AL

Thanks for heads up
I corrected it.

Happy holidays. Al

Missing events: 1 add. for Furry Lewis (Memphis); 1 for Keith Sykes, Memphis; 1 for Robbie Kreiger at Jax Beach fair (this was a complete surprise-occurring after a 5 mi.run...maybe he remembers?), late '80s-early '90s; another Styx show in Jax prior to my Styx entry?; Panther Burns in Memphis (a Tav Falco/Alex Chilton project?); Milt Jackson (1980?) Memphis; the "Milkmen", early '82 at Wallabis? downtown Denver. Mo Tucker, mid-90's Jax. venue. Aaron Neville (~solo), Jax Landing, in '90s, rained out into 2nd song. There are about 6 events where I used approx. date: first Marshall Tucker/Jo Jo Gunn concert, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Guy Lombardo, Larry Corryell w/Michael Urbaniak (early '82), The Producers. Attended numerous times for Jimmy James and the Velvet Explosion (the house band at Stump's Supper Club); Uncle John's Band; Glass Camels (prob. my most seen band); one for Toasters (~1991 at Club Downunder); one for Allman Brothers (Memphis Mid-South Fairgrounds ~1980); numerous "Celtic" bands at the "games"; the Retrokats, the Noel Freidline Quartet w. Renee Dickerson in Jax ... This is a "work-in-progress" ...

"Right now, I don't have enough evidence to enter them at musicbrainz, which I think is a requirement for setlist?"

Actually, musicbrainz has changed in the last couple of weeks. You no longer have to submit a release/relationship, you can just submit an event.

eg. http://musicbrainz.org/event/ed5e72e4-8afe-4ba3-8992-06ac72d33d12
I created this so I could add all artists to setlist.fm - you can do the same for Bobby Barnes (auto-harp) and Jasper & Jennings String Band :)

I'm sorry but Various Artists really won't do for that setlist. Can you please edit the artist to one on the programme, who you believe did perform. Then, you can add in an @Info tag that this performance is not verified as actually having taken place.

There is a bug at the moment for adding venues. See the workaround below:
Search "Austin".
Click on an existing venue in Austin
Click the "Add Austin venue" link
Add your venue

Unfortunately no way to batch-add concert dates. The only method right now is one-by-one...

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at : maisquefaitlapolice@yahoo.fr
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr

Hi there. Deethewriter used to list a lot of shows on the site. Originally the "I Was There" button was automatically checked, so if you didn't uncheck it you would be listed as having attended each new setlist you added. So, no, he wasn't at any of those shows. Also, I've never seen a user make more mistakes than he did. He mixed up the month and day on more setlists than you could imagine. I can't tell you how many I've had to fix. Anyway, if you see any of his old shows that you think have the wrong date, feel free to change them.

Yes, please add it. If you really can't find out when the gig took place (e.g. by internet research), then add it close to the date when you think it was and add an @Info at the end of the setlist saying that the date is unknown (and also to the edit comment). thanks

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