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@Bloc Party tour
My mistake sorry.

Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I could say the same for the shows *you've* seen! I imagine we've crossed paths at some point. That particular Queens show was pretty great, wasn't it? I remember freaking out every time Mark Lanegan came out to sing.

So, there are two pieces of evidence to lead to my conclusion that this concert occurred on 9/8. First is this site, which says as much:

Second is more convincing: my ticket stub. I luckily got into that show for free since my friend, at the time, worked for Electric Factory Concerts. He got us comp tickets at the box office, day of the show, and the date on the ticket stub is 9/8. I imagine all the previous date's tickets were honored as well, explaining the date on your ticket. Unless we can uncover some more convincing evidence to the contrary, I'd put my money on the 8th.

You can report problems with festivals here:

However, it's not necessarily wrong to create a "festival" for special events like anniversary shows, especially if they reoccur ever year. This should be handled on a case by case basis though.

Thank you very much for that link. I'll delete those shows tonight.