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This is the setlist.fm Event Monkey. A soulless bot, working from dusk till dawn.
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The event monkey isn't a regular user but a monkey with the sole task to find events. Whenever the monkey finds an event it creates a setlist for the event and reports in the first comment where the event was found. But you don't have to rely on the monkey, you can also add events the monkey hasn't found. And don't worry, we're not gonna call you monkey for adding events and setlists ;-)


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Is there any way we can delete the old "Trey Parker & Matt Stone South Park 25th Anniversary" shows and create new ones under "Trey Parker & Matt Stone & Primus & Ween" after a revelation of "SESSANTA" having all 3 artists as one cohesive set and not seperated just to fulfill stats. There is mis-information and lack of information on the old sets and I would like to correct my mistakes. Thank you.

Whenever Nomadi played live La collina by Francesco Guccini you had correct setlists saying they played Su in collina, always by Francesco Guccini. But that's not true. Su in collina and La collina are different songs by Guccini. Nomadi often play live La collina but they never had played Su in collina.
I invite you to correct your own mistake

You are incorrect about Halley's Comet being a Phish original, it is written by Richard Wright (not the Pink Floyd keyboardist) and was recorded by Richard Wright a year before Phish ever played it. https://youtu.be/-hJTyIy1wsk https://phish.net/song/halleys-comet/history


The artist Lucifer that was chosen for this setlist cannot be the correct one:


The one chosen for this concert was a Dutch band active from 1974 - 1978.

Could you please replace the artist by the correct one? (there are several bands/artists with the name Lucifer)

Thank you!

The Shania Twain song "God Bless The Child" has been incorrectly labeled as a Billie Holiday song on all her setlist. Shania Twain has a completely different, original song with that title. Please revert this change.

This concert with Jean Michel Jarre never took place, please remove it.
This show took place on October 29th 2016,

hello, I`m a fan of Flowered Up.
And I need to find some live recordings (audio or video) of them.
I want to find these and any other lives (except audio of Live At The Marquee Club, 1990 and Live At PSV Club, Manchester, 1990):

Live At Sheffield Leadmill, 1990
Live At SW1 Club, 1992
Live At Zap Club, Brighton, 1990
Live At Legends, Warrington, 1990
Live At The Fridge, London, 1990
Live At Reading Festival, 1991
Live At Glastonbury Festival, 1992
Live At Madstock, 1992
Live At Clapham Common, London, 2005
Live At Shoreditch Town Hall, London, 1990

If you have it or know who has or where I can find it, please, write me. Thank you)


The Unicorns from 8/6/04 Amsterdam is incorrect. They played in London, England on 8/6/04 and there is video evidence of it on YouTube. I will be entering that setlist with the correct date.

Nov 27 1988
Robert Fripp
at Paard van Troje, The Hague, Netherlands

HI, I can find this date nowhere. Can you give me any comment?
Maybe is it FRIPP FRIPP (Sunday All Over The World)?

I had to change back all your edited "The Sonics" setlists. "Dirty Robber" was definitely a song of the "seminal 50s-60s Tacoma instrumental garage rock" The Wailers, and NOT by the "'60-'70s Jamaican Reggae Band of Wailer, Marley & Tosh" The Wailers.

What about Vampire Weekend at Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, Mexico, on 2009?

Hi there! Did you see Mew in San Fransisco in 2009?
The setlist doesn't seem to make sense, so I was wondering if you could help me verify or correct it. There's things like "Saviours" after "Drapes" instead of Apocalypso, and then there's Behind the Drapes in itself; in 2013 they said they hadn't played it in ten years. Can you help me get it straight?

Check out the Twisted Sister setlist at Sommarrock 2014 the following day! (c;
Your setlist is a "duplicate"...

Please take note that all of the 30 seconds to Mars concerts for May 2014 were postponed until October 2014.

Can you add
Best Coast on 22.02.2014
San Jose Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA, USA

Suport Pixies !!!

The date you entered is outside the open/close dates of this venue.
Please verify that the date and venue name are correct.

I'm the girl in white dancing on stage with Jon Bon Jovi on June 28th 1995 at Sheffield stadium...please help me find video footage from that show!!!

I added a show for the Melvins at the double door on friday September 22nd in Chicago, and it is still not added to the setlist. I did not know the order of the setlist, but I did add everything else to the best of my knowledge. I hope this information is added soon. Thank you.