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Please use exact location or venue for Asymmetry Festival Wrocław following the guidelines at

you got a setlist for melvins 8/16/13 neumos

you're doing the lord's work, 46&2!

Generally Puscifer will take the stage an hour after the show starts. Carina Round plays first for about a half hour then they show the Puscifer tour documentary on the big screen which is about 20 min.

If you attended one of the recent pus infer shows... What time did they go on?

You goin?

Yes I am

Are you attending the Cincy concert tonight?

  • 5 Jun 2011, 22:43 Etc/UTC
  • Akidwearingvans501

Dude your concert history is so similar to mine! Sound tribe Umphreys and Keller Williams are some of the greatest shows that no one knows about keep rockin bro

the only video recordings i know of are on youtube. no full shows yet.

  • 1 Feb 2011, 02:17 Etc/UTC
  • Elliott

Hey dude, would love to see that recording from BDO... anywhere I can find it?

thank you for the set list! good job. Just what i needed! xoxo Nurse; praying for rain praying for tidal waves...

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