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Are you sure you saw Aimee Mann on this date?

Aimee Mann cancelled her Fall European tour in the wake of the terrorist acts of 9/11/2001.
Boston Globe 10/12/2001. Maybe you caught her show in June 2002?


That's great. Thanks for sorting it all out! A venue name moving to a new location is a pain!
There is probably confusion between the various different Marquee sites (especially the short lived Leicester Square one) and the two incarnations of the Mean Fiddler, one of which was also known as the LA2/Astoria 2 (not to be confused with The Astoria itself of course!!!)

All right, sorted it out. There are now three different venues - as we're using the venue names at the date of the concert: Powerhaus Islington, Powerhaus (Finsbury Park), Sir George Robey. I fixed all setlists as well - sorry for the temporary mess up.

Thanks! Ah I see, two separate locations after all - the difficult part is now to separate them into the correct venues. The problem is that they were all under the "Powerhaus London" venue before - although they should have been in "Sir George Robey", "Powerhaus Islington" and "Powerhaus" (the one in Finsbury).

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