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I can't find any reference to there being 4 different "versions" of the VOX HUMANA song "Dance Stop". Unless you can supply a reason they need to be titled in that fashion, I will change them all to simply "Dance Stop" and add a setlist note that it was played four separate times that day. Thanks!

How far did you get on the older OTR sets? I have some "free time" to fill in the gaps.

Could you explain where you got the info for the songs played at https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/over-the-rhine/2003/canal-street-tavern-dayton-oh-4bf10b02.html#sfmses30d3177 and the date changing you did recently?

Cool! FYI, I'm partway through 1998, and have a textfile from your site with ones still to do... so, you can probably skip 1998 (I'll get it done). Your site has been a great resource!

Do you know what date OTR's TWHF originally came out? i.e.- Were those 1991/1992 OTR dates you added TWHF tour, Patience tour, or before either album?

Please use exact location or venue for Lincoln Park Arts & Music Festival Chicago following the guidelines at https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#festivalsHl

Thanks for filling in the older OTR setlist gaps. :)

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