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Had to leave DEVO early last night. Do you have a finish time?

Now you know! Actually thought that set was today, has since been removed by the moderators. Enjoy!

Thanks. Don't remember how I got on that set list. Might have made a title correction I guess. That explains why it's gone now.

Got an email you left a comment on a Steve Earle set list but the set list is gone. Do you know why?

We now know HItchcock has a VERY short memory, as he played Earl's Court that very afternoon!

I would go with the contributor. I have been to shows where the artists falsely claim to either never have played a song, or rarely, I think to make the audience feel special. I felt special either way last night!


FYI: Beauty of Earl's Court was played in 2011:
For some reason, it pops up two different ways in setlist.fm. I have contacted the moderators to combine the two. Keep up the great work!

I noticed you attended a concert in Paradiso. Because these need to be split up in the real halls Paradiso Grote Zaal (Big Hall), Paradiso Kleine Zaal (Small Hall), Paradiso Kelder (Basement), ... could you adapt this one if you remember?